About Us

Trax2 Designs & Productions.

Trax2 maps is your offline and online Map Library for all your high-quality maps and web atlas for travelers and educators.

We have the Best multilingual maps of China and its cities, Subway/metro maps and Street Indexes all of which are frequently updated. Other innovations on our China maps have icons that actually depict Chinese character, standardized color schemes, and what no other map publisher include are our localized Chinese Mandarin phrasebooks a first in map design.

Our designs are all new and fresh unlike any other designs, from our new Food Playing Cards to our Award Winning Map designs which have been international recognized for been more user-friendlier with companion Online Street Indexes for easier searches, designed to fit more details as larger maps in a pocket friendly travel size.

That's why we say Trax2 Maps are your mapping guide to Adventure… So when you really want to go or plan a journey anywhere, you will need REAL detailed maps of your destination, and if you are after choices then maps are the only media that gives you this freedom. Remember, the best adventure is one you seek out yourself.

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